My name is Kesar and I absolutely love all forms and styles of art but making my clients feel beautiful for their special events is my chosen specialty. Since my childhood spent dancing and singing on stage, I have spent countless hours developing my makeup and hair styling skills and I continue to grow as a self-taught artist with each new client I am fortunate enough to work with.


I work with each client to build a rapport and an honest and trusting business relationship so that my brides and non bridal clients receive professional service and experience the flawless results they deserve; no pretense, just great communication and hard work to create the best results.


How you felt, your radiant smile, your exotic and glamorous beauty; everythiing about your look as a bride will be remembered by your family and guests and captured in your photos forever.  I am truly honored to help make those memories as beautiful as they can be. 


I had a very unique upbringing that has given me an intimate understanding and knowledge of East Indian culture and traditions; therefore, my primary clientele are East Indian and South Asian brides and non bridal clients. It is such a privilege to be involved in your most special events with each client I have the privilege to style.


I specialize in ultra long lasting, flawless High Definition (HD) makeup applications and hairstyles created to last all day and all night long. Using nothing but the best products that are tried, tested and selected for my kit, I am licensed by the City of Calgary, fully insured for your safety and protection and I maintain strict hygiene and quality standards with my kit and tools. 


I am located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I am available locally and internationally for:


Indian/South Asian Bridal & Non Bridal Hair and Makeup Styling 

Special Event Hair and Makeup Styling

Photoshoot Styling

Makeup and Hair Lessons

Personal Makeup Consultations & Shopping



Experience the preeminent Indian and South Asian bridal and non bridal makeup artistry and hair styling in Calgary, Alberta. Professional service, flawless results.